this day was pretty much amazing, i finally got to see my cousin
i asked my aunt if she ever bump into my godmother that i haven´t seen for many many years,
i know that my godmother has been asking for us too 
so me and my mum thought, why keep asking and wondering about someone you hold dear, 
we decided to just suprise her,
she was standing in the kitchen making pancakes for her little son,

we were all so happy and touched to see eachother again

i think people sometimes can be to proud for their own best, i try not to

forgive and forget

when i came home i checked my facebook quickly as usual,
and noticed a lot of congratilations on my friends wall
i screamed to my mum
- OMG one of my best friends is engaged, i thought 
when i read the hole text i realized she´s getting married, my heart almost stopped beating and i had to breath to calm down, i knew there was some plans but i was so happily suprised
then i just had to cry a little bit, just to honor this day

my mind can´t let it go, this beautiful friend and me walking the streets of manhattan, many times talking about how we gonna come to eachothers weddings,

probably i´s going to be something small just between the two of them,
but anyway, im so happy

this made my Monday a little bit extra special


this friday i invited my friends for dinner..
it would have been easier to just order a pizza 
but, i actually made something really tasty

then my room turned into a dancing square, we showed off some moves

lilla My made sure we were behaving!

a little story

a girl had a vision about how she wanted her room to look like
she decided to visit the basement, to go find some of her old things

as she was looking she found something interesting, a box she made in school when she was 11
the box was locked

she knew the key was hidden somewhere,
so she had to go through everything before she finally found the key

the box was a home for diaries

she brought 2 of the her favourite pictures aswell,

the girl once told her mum,
- this is one of the most beautiful pictures I have ever seen, it’s supposed to be a woman’s life path,

if you take a closer look
you can see the boy who walks his sheep, lies down to rest and to drink from the brook,
actually think it reminds her of a Paolo Coelho book

“The only thing that can make the dream impossible is the fear of failure”

at the ceiling she has balloons

she must be a explorer that likes to travel since she has a lightning peace of the world in her room

a kind person with a warm heart
the girl must be a princess because she knows she’s sleeping on a pea


 Rojje fixar

this christmas i got a unusual present
i can only use it once, and i´m going to use it tomorrow
there is a lady involved and there is cards
guess what
i´m going to see a fortune-teller, how exciting is that
kind of tickles in my stomack

i just rememberred last year when i visited my homecountry, just before i went to america
the old ones were talking
my mum asked about the old fortune teller she rememberred from her childhood living there
she used to walk from house to house, and look into peoples coffegrounds
10 minutes later she was actually walking outside
she had crooked back so she used a stick for walking, she only had one eye so she couldn´t barely see
i wanted her to look into my future, so i had to force down a small cop of coffe and put my finger in the grounds
she told different things about a secret, about my longwaytrip, about jealousy
and then she told me about an tall, older, brunette, man actually not boy, if i wasen´t on my way all the time, it could have been something
i always thought about someone, but now i know it wasen´t him the old lady was talking about

older sister took her younger siblings to go sledding


seriously, it´s skyhigh and i´m scared

swish swung, fast as a lightning, i fell off and laughed

and laughed

little sister Melissa

catch the moment

but it sure is a beautiful view,
i was playing a lot on this castlehill as a child, since we lived 197 steps away from it

finally cuddle up in the couch

Tuesday Night

dinner with the family, then we listened to some songs on Amis new record player..

time to meet the girls for some drinks

songogram, we called our love ones to sing for them

suddenly sara says she missed me and want´s to play me a song
listen here Har någon sett Sabina?
that was absolutely adorable

then we went out dancing,
such a beautiful night the sky was light and it was snowing, i really enjoyed my walk home

Malin Came Over This Morning For Some Breakfast

she didn´t really want to be in the picture, but I have long fingers and I´m quick with my camera

my brother is working the camera, and I´m ZzZzzz sleepy  

chewy popcorn in the morning is a favorite, so the other day my mum and her boyfriend left me some for breakfast, they didn´t want me to starve at work. 

Happy New Year To All Of My Friends, Wherever You Are!

I went to Olas party to celebrate the new year coming, he made some real tasty food. I brought a camera I couldn´t really work, so I ended up taking like 5 photos. Anyway lots of dancing, jump, jump, jump until morning hours to sounds of spunky punk rock music. Then we walked home, freezing.


the partyplanner himself

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