a little story

a girl had a vision about how she wanted her room to look like
she decided to visit the basement, to go find some of her old things

as she was looking she found something interesting, a box she made in school when she was 11
the box was locked

she knew the key was hidden somewhere,
so she had to go through everything before she finally found the key

the box was a home for diaries

she brought 2 of the her favourite pictures aswell,

the girl once told her mum,
- this is one of the most beautiful pictures I have ever seen, it’s supposed to be a woman’s life path,

if you take a closer look
you can see the boy who walks his sheep, lies down to rest and to drink from the brook,
actually think it reminds her of a Paolo Coelho book

“The only thing that can make the dream impossible is the fear of failure”

at the ceiling she has balloons

she must be a explorer that likes to travel since she has a lightning peace of the world in her room

a kind person with a warm heart
the girl must be a princess because she knows she’s sleeping on a pea


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