Happy Thanksgiving!

I am grateful to all those who I hold dear,
everything I found this year,
for my youth,
that I have exactly everything that I need,
that i every day have a chance to reform and live my life fully  

I think I already like this holiday, and I´m going to bring it and make it alive in my own home.

Yesterday me and the girls went with the brownies troup to deliver meals at a nursinghome for old people. The girls gave them cards, flowers and sang songs. That touched me a lot, I was standing in the back, couldn´t hold back my tears. I usually spend my summers with seniors and I know how much those visits mean to them. When I saw this old man in his pyjamas conduct the kids singing, he was so playful and his eyes was glowing. I´m so thankful to have those experiences through my years I learned a lot, and it made me see things from a different view.

I´m Forever Blowing Bubbles, Pretty Bubbles In The Sky

guess what 15 days until im leaving, after that you can se me biking on the streets, probably in the middle of the night, I´m gonna take walks in the evening, i´m gonna do all of those things i haven´t been able to do here.
but i will miss this place a lot, it counts as one of my homes now, and all the beautiful people i got to know and will miss

well lets not think about that quite yet, i still have 15 hole days left


kiddos have shortdays in school so we just doing things that we like, playing dollies is a big favorite, i painted a nu-nu-bug and we enjoying going to the beach

tomorrow is thanksgiving, my first one, and i´m a bit excited, if i like it i´ll maybe bring the tradition back to sweden. it´s a big homecoming week so we met some new friends, tonight we´re going out dancin´ 

Sometimes An Education Isn´t By The Book

I wanted to see the movie An Education for a time, so tonight I decided to go to the theatre, afterwards I went for dinner. Sometimes it´s just quite nice to be alone.

it´s a beautiful beautiful movie
about this innocent young woman who fells in love with an older man, who seems quite harmless and exciting, her life becomes a tiny bit more interesting
but who would have guessed



Jag hoppas på att solen ska titta fram idag, men det ser lovande ut! Ta tåget in till stan tidigt en lördagsmorgon är något av det bästa jag vet, jag föredrar att spatsera runt själv för då kan jag göra precis som jag vill, & ja jag njuter verkligen av min sista tid här.
Tänkte besöka julbassaden på svenska kyrkan, gå på museum, handla skor i sono, äta spenastpizza på 14 th street & så ska jag försöka hitta tillbaksa till den underbara flee market uptown.

ha en fin dag!

Om Jag Haft Jenny Abrahamsons Skivor Hade Dom varit Sönderspelade

i´m going through something new and i´m doing my best, i´m really trying

Tamis Birthday

when you have a birthday in america, and are not from here,
you are allowd to celebrate you birthday for the whole weekend, 24 hours,
and that´s exactly what we did, from morning until night.

November Walk

could someone please take me to this man´s concert, like right now?

Sunday 8th November

beautiful day
we went to the beach to watch the sunset, then we went out for dinner
i have such nice friends. i like you all

The Day After

A small trip to ucon with the girls

wild, wild party

Saturday Morning Class

My last photagraphy class, I can finally sleep in on saturdays ..jippi

Friday Night

Maries birthday

Dinner at Lola´s

5th Of November

I took the train to the city

to see Ray Lamontagne ´s concert

At the subway there was this man he was looking and looking at something on me, not at me but down, I couldn´t figure out what!
I changed car, and there he was again, he said something but I couldn´t hear, because there was so many people between us
he said it again,
- You have so beautiful hands, they are so expressive.
we smiled at eachother and then he went off
So the man had been looking at my hands and gave me a compliment for them, I found that so nice.

4th Of November

The girls birthday, I brought them presents and baloons..

one of the girls decided to let go

flummigt but cute

Tuesday 3rd November

the girls had a day off so we were playing all day..

Friday Night, Precis Vad Jag Behövde

Flickan på starbucks ordnade med en liten halloweenfest

pippi långstrump

swineflue, Tami förtjänade första pris

jag vann andra pris..
för om man klär ut sig till kille & fortfarande ser lite söt ut, ja då ska man ha ett pris, sa killen.

jag & tami hängde mest på toaletten, för där var så fint

see no, hear no, talk no

Greta Garbo

Efterfest hos Farah, efter 2 timmars sömn var det dags för min 4 timmars långa fotoklass, & jag hade mest bekymmer med att hålla mig vaken.


Fredagar är egentligen ganska inrutade för mig, storstädning på rummet, långfrukost, yoga & sen lunch med tjejerna.
Men inte den här fredagen, för då var det dagen innan Halloween, & firandet tas på väldigt stort allvar. Dom små djuren hade parad i skolan så jag stod på första rad & dokumenterade och fnissade, ibland dök det upp väldigt orginella varelser.

jigsaw, undrar om  ungen har sett filmen, knappst ha?


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