me and my brother went to my grannys house, and I was laughing at the present she had wrapped for me, it was some old kitchen stuff I used to play with when I was a kiddo, she is so funny
then we went to my dads house, nice evening, we exchanged presents I got yoga math and some other thingis so I can do yoga in my room. jippi

our family went to the 10 am matinee for kids

I was buried under my presents, serious moment

the 25th are for friends 

I got a chocolate box from Emelie the other day and I wrapped it for her again but with the ones with marzipan that I don´t like, I think she was very happy about that

beauty, beauty and beauty

and then we went out dancing
fun fun fun
and I met some friends that I haven´t talked to for a very long time, quite nice.

God Jul

my friends says that i´m a little grinch, i´m not sure about that
i save everything for last minute, thats my problem
when my mum askes me what my wiches are
i always say i already have everything i need
i´m excited for tomorrow though
we are going to spend it with a new family

It Was Fun, But I Had To Pay With A Cold

we are going to share stories under the stars tonight

me and my girlfriends is going to meet for some drinks
throw ourselfs in the snow and then jump in teas warmly jacuzzy, that shines in beautiful colors

miss him lots

I was looking for someone like that for a long time, he really was different from everything I ever experienced before. I got super extremly shy but through him I got to know myself a lot better.
I am fine, thinking about other things, but sometimes I get reminded and have so much feelings.
miss him lots

We Travelled Far In A Snowstorm To Get Me A Pair Of Shoes, When I Came Home I Noticed The Two Left Shoes. That´s What Makes Life Worth Living.

Fairytale Town

"Relish The Transitions In Your Life - They Will Happen Regardless"

my moms boyfriend roger and his father owns the towns cinema. yesterday i went to help out by serving coffee to the old people coming to the 2 am matinee. can you imagine how happy people can become from a little free coffee and a bun. i was shown around, i always wanted to see how it really works and how it looks like where the machine man sits, i also got a chance to look through the little window right above where all the people sits.

it’s such an old beautiful theatre it has been there for 90 years, it has a golden ruffle curtain that gets pulled away when the previews starts, and there is a balcony where you can sit if you’re lucky. On Wednesday evenings they show
old classics, i like that a lot, breakfast at tiffany´s was one of them, but that one i saw last month with the circle. i miss my circle.

by the way i don’t have a charger for my camera that works here, that kind of annoys me a bit.  
but here´s my 24 little presents thingi christmas sock that i got
todays gift was a fortune cookie with a little message

"relish the transitions in your life-
they will happen regardless"

it´s like someone sits down and makes those small cookies only for me, not really, but i can almost always use them in my life
i´m in progress of making a years experiences to nice memories..


I Had a Great Weekend, Did You Have a Great Weekend?

Back In Sbg Again

Sabinas trip home went all well, she met a new friend on the plane, an old hardrocker, drummer in Sebastian Bach or was it maybe Riot, he invited her to a concert tomorrow evening, Alice Cooper was obviously playing too, she couldn´t go but she found him a bit cute though
arriving home she met some of her friends, celebrated her mothers 42nd birthday with a wonderful meal
unpacked a bit, cried some more for remembering nice times
got an answer for a bíg questionmark she´s been wondering about, and appreciates it
now she´s pretty tired and is going off to bed, her own bed for once. that´s going to be just nice.

take care

Last Day In The City

And The Presents Then

2 hearts foe e and a, my phonie, boo, camera, happy, violin practise

Pretty Girls At My Goodbye Party

the parents arranged a party for me it was supposed to be a surprise party, but of course i found out
we had a lot of food (the dad made swedish meatballs and mashed potatoes for us) and people they brought a lot of cakes.
very lovely evening, I really appreciate it
it was nice to have everybody there so I could just walk around and give away a million hugs
there was so much love in the air, i couldn´t even dream of a better party 
and i could never imagine to get friends like that so quickly
it was just lovely


my last weekends in new york i went to a couple of museums, i really wanted to go to tim burtons exhibition, so I did. that was so brilliant, the man is a genious, and I actually got to se the “voodoo dollgirl” from The Melancholy Death of Oyster Boy in real life, I couldn´t take any pictures though.

sweet dreams

mexican frida



i´ve been cryin´ a little bit every day for a long time, because i was afraid to drown in my own tears, but it´s hard!
the words "see you soon and i love you" helps me a lot

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