Rojje fixar

this christmas i got a unusual present
i can only use it once, and i´m going to use it tomorrow
there is a lady involved and there is cards
guess what
i´m going to see a fortune-teller, how exciting is that
kind of tickles in my stomack

i just rememberred last year when i visited my homecountry, just before i went to america
the old ones were talking
my mum asked about the old fortune teller she rememberred from her childhood living there
she used to walk from house to house, and look into peoples coffegrounds
10 minutes later she was actually walking outside
she had crooked back so she used a stick for walking, she only had one eye so she couldn´t barely see
i wanted her to look into my future, so i had to force down a small cop of coffe and put my finger in the grounds
she told different things about a secret, about my longwaytrip, about jealousy
and then she told me about an tall, older, brunette, man actually not boy, if i wasen´t on my way all the time, it could have been something
i always thought about someone, but now i know it wasen´t him the old lady was talking about


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