this day was pretty much amazing, i finally got to see my cousin
i asked my aunt if she ever bump into my godmother that i haven´t seen for many many years,
i know that my godmother has been asking for us too 
so me and my mum thought, why keep asking and wondering about someone you hold dear, 
we decided to just suprise her,
she was standing in the kitchen making pancakes for her little son,

we were all so happy and touched to see eachother again

i think people sometimes can be to proud for their own best, i try not to

forgive and forget

when i came home i checked my facebook quickly as usual,
and noticed a lot of congratilations on my friends wall
i screamed to my mum
- OMG one of my best friends is engaged, i thought 
when i read the hole text i realized she´s getting married, my heart almost stopped beating and i had to breath to calm down, i knew there was some plans but i was so happily suprised
then i just had to cry a little bit, just to honor this day

my mind can´t let it go, this beautiful friend and me walking the streets of manhattan, many times talking about how we gonna come to eachothers weddings,

probably i´s going to be something small just between the two of them,
but anyway, im so happy

this made my Monday a little bit extra special


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