Hanna This Is So Beautiful I Just Have To Post The Story Of The Circle

this morning when I woke up, I had my laptop in the bed and wanted to check facebook quickly =)
i discover a letter from a friend,
she wrote a beautiful little storie about our friendship, we seriously called ourselfes "the circle"
how geeky is that!

anyway she wrote..

once upon a time in the SHAME big,wide connecticut, far far away in a little (and kind of forested) town there was a very special circle of seven NUNU BUGS,who were trying to discover the world.each of them in different ways.two of them came from a country,which is bloody similar to paradise,what is pretty SWEEET.unfortunatly,the one of them had to leave for going back to (have i mentioned) paradise-country.four others came from somewhere else.the middle of something HUMONGOUS and OH MY GOD,SERIOUSLY unbelievble incredible,with a lot of PEEPEE AND POOPOO goining on.the last and wisest nunu-bug of all,who surprisingly 'often' had kind of SORE spots came from a country with jumping monkeys and stamping elephants in the back yards and weird dancing,blondish girls in strange music videos... (to be continued)

i love you my nunu-bugs!! ( :

you know what the author means with, that the bloody country wich is similar to a paradise, she is talking about Sweden, Hannah have this fantasy picture about Sweden and the people living there, isn´t that funny,
funny but cute.

Postat av: bina

tack kompisar, ni är välkommna när ni vill, här finns alltid plats i min säng, vi kan ligga sked, mysigt =)

haha rojje du är för rolig, (som jag skrev i ett tidigare inlägg)se upp för vad du önskar dig det kankske blir sant, jag kommer ju vara hemma mestadelen av sommaren, men det blir kul vi kan åka & bada och sånt, spela strandtennis.

ja en lägenhet som denna skulle du och mamma ha, jag trivs superbra måste jag säga! Du vet när man vaknar upp och det är så ljust och fint, och så kan man sitta i fönstret och käka, det ska jag göra snart!

love s

2010-03-09 @ 19:24:25
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