Happy Thanksgiving!

I am grateful to all those who I hold dear,
everything I found this year,
for my youth,
that I have exactly everything that I need,
that i every day have a chance to reform and live my life fully  

I think I already like this holiday, and I´m going to bring it and make it alive in my own home.

Yesterday me and the girls went with the brownies troup to deliver meals at a nursinghome for old people. The girls gave them cards, flowers and sang songs. That touched me a lot, I was standing in the back, couldn´t hold back my tears. I usually spend my summers with seniors and I know how much those visits mean to them. When I saw this old man in his pyjamas conduct the kids singing, he was so playful and his eyes was glowing. I´m so thankful to have those experiences through my years I learned a lot, and it made me see things from a different view.


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