my first brodway show

I had this wonderful weekend.

The Friday I spent with Ngoc and Janina, we went to the cinema, Shopoholic it was a silly, but still a cute movie.

On Saturday Emma and Carro picked me up and we went to Ikea in New Heaven, because Emma wanted meatballs and I was longing for the Marabou, it was really nice weather and we were very excited to be there as you can see.

We were there for a few hours, and I actually saw a lady that I know a little bit, a mother I spoke to at the girls gymnastics. We just bought a few small things since it was the foodstuff we wanted.
Then we went to a store with mostly branded clothes, they had a lot of other things to of course, to a very good price. I found the most beautiful dress ever but the problem was that it was for a babygirl. If I could transform the little sailordress to a larger one I would be very happy. I just couldn´t leave it there so I bought it, it´s actually the second dress a bought for my future kid. I found the other one last year in a second hand store, I couldn't leave that one either. I see in front of me this cute little kid running around in the dress, makes my heart jump! It was the third time I met Carro and she thought I was nuts.

Then we went to buy some snacks for the evening which we spent in my house. We were busy choosing our b&j when Hanna called and was a bit lost. Me and Emma had lied eyes on a charming guy standing speaking with the staff, so we almost fighted about who was going to ask the boys the name of the street. And then we started to stalking him in the store and were very embarrassed when he noticed, carro just pretended that she didn´t knew us. We were so amazed and madly excited that there actually is cute guys, and in my town even better, doesn't happened to often. When we came outside he was in his car which was parked next to mine, and I heard carro from the other side of the parkinglot..

- Oh, look he is driving a Volvo combi, so he must at least be 16 said Carro. And I found that really funny and was laughing so hard. He was NOT 16 maybe 20, okey 19. haha!

When we arrived at my house we came up with the idea to go get his number from the staffguy, so we actually went back and parked, but none of us had the guts to go inside so we went and ordered some pizza instead. Then we went back and watched Mamma mia and talked all night long!

Sunday the 4 of us took the early train into the city. It was also carros last weekend so we wanted to go up in Rockefeller but it was sadly raining. So we decided either go to The night at the museum museum or Madame Tussau. But then we found brodway shows for half of the price so we decided to get tickets to Mamma mia. All of us were so excited and happy, our first brodway show, how nice! It was a really good one and at the last number some people raised and started to sing and dance, but we are in America, right!

Then we went home and took some mexican food, we didn´t find a place for all of us to watch the Oscars so that´s were the night ended.


Postat av: Tea

Gissar med tanke på alla foton, att kameran är upphittad? Hoppas hoppas hoppas :) Kramis.

2009-02-24 @ 16:00:56
Postat av: Bina

Haha ja absolut =)

Postat av: felicia

Så FIIIINA bilder! :)

2009-02-24 @ 22:04:53

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