I thank god for my life tonight

Something really bad happend tonight, and this song really makes sense.

We had a fun time watching the big super bowl game tonight in a bar in Stamford.

On our way home, I was driving the car, we were driving on the big Route 95, so there is many different files. I was going towards an exit so I decided to change line, I looked in the mirrors and I didn't see anything but as soon as I changed lane I was crashing into a truck, really badly. He was in my dead angle I didn't see him and he didn't see me.

I remember that I thought, no this isn't happening not here not now. But I was lucky I just realized it so fast and pulled over, back again. All of us were fine. I was so scared, my hole body was shaking, and it still does even if it was like 3 hors ago.

The driver came outside but I was just in shock and I didn't want to go outside because I didn't want to see what shape the car was in. I was still thinking that this is just a bad dream, not happening.

Since it's not my car and everything I just worried for it, I didn't think of anything else, and what my host parents was going to think of me now. 

I could barely open the door. My side of the car was smashed, and the front window is broken. I walked out to the truck and saw the driver, I panicked when I saw the truck I couldn't breathe, the wheels was in the size of my car and it was so scary big. Because I realized that I should just be happy that we were alive. Two police officers came and, they took care of everything.

I was quite calm on the way home Janina was driving, I couldn't do anything but stare out the window and I was crying. When we came close to the house I felt so nervous and embarrassed, the dad was nice to me on the phone but anyway. I really starting to get to know these people and then something like this happens. But I know that they are very nice and smart people, so they threaded me well. The mother game me a hug and I was still crying.

We talked about everything, and I apologized over and over and said I cannot change anything I can only learn from this.

I hope they will keep me as their Nanny but I don't know I understand them, their babies is everything, that's what most important for them.

But we are all fine, we really had an angel helping us out tonight, and this is something I will never forget, this scary moment.

I learn something new about life every day here, it scares me to death but it's still wonderful and breathtaking.

Postat av: Amir

Sabina! Du måste vara försiktig, Du är inte i Sölvesborg. Hur mår du nu? Kram Amir

2009-02-02 @ 11:29:53
Postat av: Tea

LILLA HJÄRTAT! Jag blir så orolig, du får inte hitta på såna hyss. Det kan hända den bästa. Var försiktig på de stora vägarna, tycker att du är modig som kör överhuvudtaget - det hade jag nog aldrig vågat. + GUUUUUUUD vad duktig du har blivit på engelska! Blir mäkta imponerad av dig. Från och med nu får det bara bli roliga inlägg, som det med festandet på rummet, jätteroligt. Men jag förstår fortfarande inte varför ni smyger med drickandet? Det är inte likt dig ;P KRAM!

2009-02-02 @ 22:16:46

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