"Relish The Transitions In Your Life - They Will Happen Regardless"

my moms boyfriend roger and his father owns the towns cinema. yesterday i went to help out by serving coffee to the old people coming to the 2 am matinee. can you imagine how happy people can become from a little free coffee and a bun. i was shown around, i always wanted to see how it really works and how it looks like where the machine man sits, i also got a chance to look through the little window right above where all the people sits.

it’s such an old beautiful theatre it has been there for 90 years, it has a golden ruffle curtain that gets pulled away when the previews starts, and there is a balcony where you can sit if you’re lucky. On Wednesday evenings they show
old classics, i like that a lot, breakfast at tiffany´s was one of them, but that one i saw last month with the circle. i miss my circle.

by the way i don’t have a charger for my camera that works here, that kind of annoys me a bit.  
but here´s my 24 little presents thingi christmas sock that i got
todays gift was a fortune cookie with a little message

"relish the transitions in your life-
they will happen regardless"

it´s like someone sits down and makes those small cookies only for me, not really, but i can almost always use them in my life
i´m in progress of making a years experiences to nice memories..



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